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Script Supervising Feature Films

It's great to have had the experience of being on Snap Shot set, last December, Feature Film produced by Martellesnic Media Limited and directed by Marcus Warren.

It is impossible not to share the gratification you feel for being a part of the major Director - Script - Actors relationship. This experience allowed a great deal of discussion after diving into the story which was particularly heavy on dialogue. Actors rely on you to help them remember and understand the reasons behind the words when the Director is focused on numerous other departments and decisions.

It was possible for me to have a great input of ideas and solutions to make the story work as best as possible.

Script Supervising becomes a strategy game when you start dealing with props positioning, specially in low budget productions where you might not have a prop re-set role in between takes.

The communication between me and art department became unquestionably necessary on such a tight schedule. Where was the glass of wine, how full was it, did she pick it up with her left or right hand?

Actors also seem to be an immense help when it comes to this kind of continuity. Even though you better be paying attention to every move and line them make or say, they will also be concentrating on that, which makes them a huge help and a player in your team with the same objective: making cuts in action as perfect as possible.

This project allowed me to experience life in Chelsea, Shoreditch and Slough, near Pinewood studios, because in order for the character's wealthy lifestyle to be well portrayed, the cast and crew got to know the fancy context of that world a little bit and feel it, first hand - quite exciting!

We are, at the moment, waiting for the first cut of this piece and we hope it'll be well received.

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