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Script Supervising Visual Effects

A project I seem to be cherishing for a while now, is Ben Nash's passion project, short film that we've been constructing little by little since January 2016: Distraction.

Ben is not only producing, with NKM Media, and directing the film, but he seems to have mad skills in post production visual effects, so I can say that my first contact with such an amount of on-set effects, has been quite smooth as I'm in good hands.

It is quite important to know the angles of the camera in relation to the object and have quite a good idea of the outcome you're looking for. It's also extremely important that strong lighting is consistent throughout all the shots and that the actors are fully aware of which elements will be in the picture and are not present at the moment and vice-versa.

Distraction was also a very challenging short film because of the high level of character movement within a big scene, heavy on dialogue and pauses, while moving a great amount of props, including throwing, which can end up in any direction - all of this having to cut between the master shot, singles and cutaways.

Attention to detail in these situations is massive: was her hair like that when she said that? Is his badge leaning towards the left when he gets up? It's incredibly micromanaged but very exciting and satisfying when successful.

I'm currently waiting for new shoot days and wishing the best of luck to Ben and his two years worth of post!

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