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Script Supervising Action

Last December I had the enormous pleasure of Script Supervising the Second Unit as well as being a Trainee supervised by the great Giulia Patanè on the set of Accident Man, directed by Jesse V. Johnson and produced by Ben Jacques.

Starring Scott Adkins, who brought a lot of himself and dedication to this project, I had the opportunity, amongst other things, of spending three whole days of shoot supervising the continuity of one single fight scene, which had quite an exciting workflow.

Fight scenes are incredibly well prepared before the actual shoot: the stunt director will choreograph every single move, shoot some footage with the stunts that best suit the body built of the characters and have an edit of the material on a device while on set. This helps us focusing on what was shot already, what can be improved and makes it easier for departments like Make-up and Wardrobe to understand what changes need to be done in each level of intensity of the fight.

Accident Man was very fortunate to have Tim Man doing this in an excellent way; he knows his craft and is able to conduct the fight knowing and visualizing exactly where we are and what’s next.

As a Script Supervisor, it's good to be on top of the action and of how much has been shot and what’s left, but the majority of the work will be related to supervising Make-up and Wardrobe and fundamentally the props on set – the ones with which the characters interact with, or simply the background ones. This, because fight scenes are shot in story order, which means that throughout three days, the crew went back and forth, left and right of the set, and props might constantly move from where they are meant to be in the film.

I am really looking forward to watch the final result of this film that had such a friendly and loving cast and crew.

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