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Script Supervising at a Studio

This past July, we were on set for 8 days to bring Blood Type alive, at NFTS studios.

Produced by Jimmy Campbell Smith and directed by Jeongmin Lee, this film - about Korea's past that influenced a couple in contemporary times - has a magical tone and is full of love from the cast and crew.

Jeongmin, always communicating with her cast in Korean, has a very clear style. Most scenes were covered with a single master, which allows freedom to the Script Supervisor to pay more attention to matching the action and position between scenes, rather than focusing on matching within the scene.

This has been my longest project as a Script Supervisor and having gone digital played a very big part in making it enjoyable. Production reports where sent every night which helped us realized what we still needed covering.

The camera crew, led by Natalja Safronova was incredibly inspiring and a pleasure to work with. Her work is very well thought which makes it beautiful in the details and in the wide compositions.

A lot of what was shot, was inside the studios. An amazing job by Kristina Kovacs when recreating the Siberian Wilderness and a train of refugees.

Because the space is limited and scattered, continuity is of a massive importance to make sure the audience doesn't get lost and believes the location. Even thought the space looks real, does it feel real?

If they involve set change and characters exploring the space, studio scenes should be very well story boarded. The script supervisor should be involved since Pre Production to make sure that the looks, action from scene to scene and within scene match and are believable, offering perspective to the scenes.

For the first time in my career, I did question if a performance is strong, will people really notice that a look is not towards the right place? Un-Sun Jung played the most amazing performance I have ever had the pleasure to witness and I am sure that this film has a massive potential at all levels.

One thing is for sure, visiting Korea in a near future is a must!

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